Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Components of a Democracy

Thanks people for your response. Please continue sending them in. I know they are very few in number but every response is a sign of hope.

In addition to the very well thought and valid causes that a new party needs to stand for, I received another interesting viewpoint - that the political forces are too strong in order to form a new party, and that we need to change the system from within. I think this is a big challenge and would need to prepare to handle it well. I believe that the following two components are crucial for a democracy to function effectively - 1) a government that truly keeps the interest of its people at its core 
2) a people who have the strength to question the government and demand accountability regularly

Today we have lost both these things.
- We have a government that cares about nobody. The heads of state are dummies and the powers behind them are dumb and selfish.
- as a nation we have allowed our indifference and "patience" and "tolerance" and "chalta hai" attitude to lead us here. While a new party would aim at freshening up our governance, we also need people to be brave enough step up and act as auditors of our system, and formalize the process. However, we need to first clean up the governance. The reason we haven't been able to question our powers that be is precisely that the political forces are too strong.
What are your opinions on this?