Monday, February 9, 2009


I was watching a movie called "The Kingdom" the other day. Its about a terrorist attack on a US residential compound in Saudi Arabia, and how a special FBI team engages the Saudi administration, visits their kingdom, performs an investigation amidst tight security, almost gets killed in the process but ends up killing the mastermind behind the attacks - all within a week.
Now since that was in a movie, it can be dismissed as a story which cannot be translated into reality, but it has been more than 2 months now, and have we made any progress?
In these 2 months Obama became President, Slumdog got nominated for the Oscars, our cricket team won many matches in a row, and we forgot about the Mumbai tragedy?
Our government submitted a report to the Pakistan government. Zardari appeared on the Riz Khan show harping the "we're also victims of terrorism" song. Pak govt is going to submit their own version of their own investigation to New Delhi.
And we wonder, what in heaven's name is going on??? How many reports need to be exchanged??? How about some action????

We need to demand accountability from the administration and need to ask why after two months we still don't know who was behind the attacks.
Acocuntability from the government is our right and we don't seem to exercise it enough!!