Thursday, November 27, 2008

Where's the Superhero?

They are fighting over who owns Mumbai. They want to flush out non-Marathis out of Mumbai. They are idiots. They think they own Mumbai. How wrong are they! Mumbai is not owned by the Marathis. It used to be owned by everybody. Even those who didn't own any land in Mumbai were kings of Mumbai in spirit.

Not any more. No. It is now owned by the Mujahideens. The terrorists. The 20 somethings systematically brainwashed by the f**ing fanatics to go and kill. They are the real owners of Mumbai. Not the Marathis. Not the Thackereys. Not the Gujjus. Not the Marwadis. Not the UPites. Not Bollywood.

So what are the true Marathis trying to achieve by trying to drive the "non-Marathis" out of Maharashtra? Can't they see this regionalism is a mere trap to divert their attention from the real problems of Mumbai?
This is a classic Indian problem. Some idiots tell us to fight amongst each and we start fighting like monkeys and make a misery of ourselves while they eat the cake and laugh.
From Alexander to the Mughals to the Britishers, we've never been united.

WHAT WILL IT TAKE FOR US TO UNITE?? Not the '93 riots. Not the Delhi blasts. Not the Mumbai train blasts...Oh I know when we were united. During a cricket match!! And also during Kargil.
So basically we are united when someone else goes and fights for us and we sit and watch and cheer and sometimes cry. That's who we are. Aise hi hain hum. Aakhir dil hai Hindustani.

All this public unity and common man fighting terrorists and a hero standing up to corrupt politicians - it does happen, in movies. Not in real life.

What will it take for us to unite?

Clearly if all these incidents have not united us, nothing will...

But in my heart of hearts I want to be proved wrong. I want to be proved wrong after what happened last night in Mumbai. I want to be proved wrong because nobody can mutilate my country like this.
I want a superhero to rise. I want a big brave nasty superhero to rise. I want the superhero to prove me wrong. I want the superhero to protect us. I want the superhero to destroy the terrorists and make India a safe place.

But where is the superhero? Within us! Yes! I want all of us to look inside ourselves and find the superhero and let it rise unbridled.

Look everyone, look at what is happening to you."Shame on India" - says CNN. "How come such a large country gets caught off guard time and again?" - they ask. What do they know! Its not easy running a country of 1 billion!
Look at what the politicians are doing? They're "condemning" and they've been getting fat.
Look at what our police force is doing. They are trying real hard. But look at them. The poor cops don't even have helmets. They have no armor. They are using outdated machinery. They are brave. The are fighting. But they are ill-equipped and they have families to go back to. And that explains the fear in their eyes.
Look at the intelligence force. Of course we cant look at them. But we can see what they've been doing. Not much. Or this wouldn't have happened.

Where is our tax money going? Certainly not towards protecting us.
It has been more than 20 years since this started. How long does it take to curb this problem? It cannot take forever. People, lets get together and do something. They can't protect us, but let them not drive us into fear and misery.

We were taught that whenever evil forces go out of control an Avatar will be born, a saviour will rise, an Angel will be sent from above.So where is our Avatar? Where is Ram, where is Krishna, where is Jesus, WHERE is the Angel??

He's within us. This is our opportunity to introduce Him to the world. Wake up folks! Wake up!Let the superhero rise!

(If you have found the superhero within, please post a comment or write to the author.)

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