Saturday, November 29, 2008

Will this too be forgotten?

The standoff at the Taj is over. But will this incident also be forgotten like the many more incidents before this??? 

I hope not.

I hope we continue to remember this.

I hope we let it motivate us to arise from indifference and work together to bring about change, to reform the system, to strengthen ourselves.

But how can we achieve it? Can we continue to rely on our politicians? 
Not any more.
Lets take a look at the two biggest political parties. Is there anyone we can look upto as the next leader...or even as a leader??? 
They are all either too corrupt or too vain or too submissive or too uneducated or too old or too casual.
These are the men "leading" our country. Is there any hope we can have with these people in power???

Then how will the change happen? How will our "system" change???

We need to join politics. All of us who have a decent education and rationale and sense of responsibility should enter politics. Its the only way. Its the long term solution. We may not all succeed, but if we start now at least 20 years later we will be a different country.

Come on all bloggers, lets get together. Lets get more people together. Lets get motivated. Lets start a movement.  Lets form a party that truly cares about the country and truly wants to save it!!!

Lets save India!


Vishal Singh said...

The only solution that will work is when there is a alternate political party. You are absolutely right.
So what are the first steps.
I would say declare what the party stands for.
I am with you.

superhero said...

Great!!! Thanks for your support. The party would stand for a secure and brave India, an India with strong leadership, an India where everyone is educated and empowered which can tell right from wrong. But that's just one aspect of it. There are many more things to be done. Please send your followup comment - I will get it in email.

manu_2008m said...

I also support you! Let us form a group where we can discuss about this.
This time we can not only discuss and feel sad... it is time take some action & implement.

superhero said...

Thanks manu_2008m
If you have got my email please reply to it. If not, let me know your ID please.

Vishal Singh said...

Good Points. Indeed we need a secure and safe India. I would also like to put making India a middle class as early as possible as the top most priority. A poor nation cannot defend itself in any way from any front be it terrorist or be it floods. If we want ourselves to behave like United states or Israel then we have to be become like them first. I think party should have a strong economic policy. Free markets for free individuals should be core policy.
The key questions to ask are how to make the transition to developed nation and where should the energies of individuals be spent?
We are not today a developed nation. The number of lives lost in
this terrorist attack is less than what would have lost by sheer apathy of the government in may other areas (Floods, Poor health care etc).
I would say the transition needs to happen by making the Government accountable for starters and then reducing its role part from core areas like defense,judiciary etc.
Accountability is a big problem because in India government is behaving in a fashion even monarchs did not behave.
The only way to make them accountable is through PIL and RTI. Become a watchdog for very government department.
For us the key is to get as many people involved. This is tough job.
Blood boils now but after some time
the other priorities in life take precedence.

DK said...

There is a word called “trust” which is lost and is not expected from present lot of politicians. We need to call for corporate governance; job of PM or Cabinet Ministers and higher ranked government officials including defence/ IPS should be made accountable. If found negligence on the part of any; removes the agencies and call international agencies like Israel/ US or UAE to remove terrorism from the Indian soil by inviting global tender. There has to be ZERO tolerance on this part if we need to improve our image. As first steps, remove all NSG commandos from security cover of these politicians, who are using them as their personal servants. Let them realise the fear of terrorism and then only they will react and understand common men’s problem. These politicians are seating in bullet-proof cars and surrounded with NSG commandos can’t think more than money and votes.

superhero said...

Thanks people for your response. I also received another viewpoint on this was that the political forces are too strong in order for us to form a new party, and that we need to change the system from within.

I think this is a big challenge and we would need to prepare to handle it as well. I believe that the following two components are crucial for a democracy to function effectively -
- a government that truly keeps the interest of its people at its core
- a people who have the strength to question the government and demand accountability regularly

While a new party would aim at freshening up our governance, we also need people to step up and act as auditors of our system, and formalize the process. What do you think?